Friday, October 16, 2009

I Got My Mind Set On You

Today I've got my mind set on you.

Sometimes I reread my stuff and I see a bad pattern, that I'm very focused on myself. It's all me, me, me. What I'm thinking, stewing over, upset about, dreaming about, and what's best for me.

But as a self-esteem teacher/coach, lifestyle science teacher/coach, group dynamics explorer, investigator, and expert, and spirituality teacher/coach, of course my focus needs to be on the people I'm here to help, you. Less personal hocus pocus, more focus!

I guess I've always been that way, even though I've always had the desire to use my talents for others. One, what else am I going to do with them? Take just the self-esteem part of my resume. I've got self-esteem fine, but a teacher and coach of it needs others to teach. So I'm outwardly driven right there. And the other things take the same course, lifestyle sciences, group dynamics (a group in its obvious nature being more than one), and teaching and coaching spirituality.

But it all has to start with me. If I haven't got it, then the rest is of no use. So of course I take a personal inventory pretty often. I'm taking one right now. I got up and the first thing I did was to make sure I was awake. I've walked in my sleep before. The problem with getting up and making sure I'm awake is that I've done it before, then later found out I was only dreaming. That's wild. I'm sure I'm awake, then I wake up only to find I wasn't!

Once I'm awake, and reasonably sure of it, I press on. What kind of mood am I in? Cheerful and happy? Sad and morose? Or something in between? Because that tells me a lot. What is my thinking going to be like? A lot of this I can actually overcome. I have ways to brighten my mood if it's down, and of course it's easy to make myself sadder if I feel that I'm too happy. Because having the right mood for me is important. It's like adjusting the mental thermostat. I want it in a good, comfortable range.

I've really had to work at it to become proficient in so many fields. But the work is not the same as what other experts do, who do a lot of reading in their fields, do small group work with an adviser, write papers, case studies, and verbatims, then receive a certificate and official recognition. I have no respect for those people. My mind wasn't meant to be tampered with by group think and orthodoxy. I believe I can do very well on my own, thank you very much, and so I stick quite a bit to intuition and personal pursuits. Yes, I do read, so I'm not completely opposed to outside help. But I try to find like-minded people who bolster what I already believe.

My personal inventory complete, it's time to have a bagel and a cup of herbal tea, then see what the rest of the day brings. I'm feeling happy and optimistic. And I'm hoping to devote some of my attention to you, what you might need.

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