Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gigantic Strides -- Faithful To The Process


Have I still got the "gigantic strides" mentality I started the day with? Definitely, and I recommend it to everyone.

I have a lot of little tasks that seem like I'm frittering away my energies in the weeds, but I must be faithful in small things.

If I keep my confidence, none of these things is such a big deal. It all works out. Then I can stand back and say "Check, check, check!"

Life is a sequence of individual breaths.

There's no assurance of something big if the small is neglected.

Whatever life gives me, I'm completely into it.

Be confident at the beginning and stay confident all the way through.

The big depends on the tiny.

You can only take gigantic strides when you honor the whole process.

I'm very pithy today. It's my own pithy party.

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