Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Secrets of Inner Beauty

I heard something about the way our eyes follow a layout, in an inverted S path, meaning we start at the top left corner and work our way across. But I'm stuck at the woman with the pink gloves. I can't see anything else. That's stunning! That's beauty!

But I must ... force ... myself to look across and take in the whole vista of this beautiful collage of beautiful people. Of course we have the pink gloves lady -- remarkable in every way, and we haven't even got the rest of her face, hair, and body. But she has to be a looker. I know I would definitely look twice.

Going across, we have her, then I'm just going to take in the females. There's some gorgeous ladies here, in my opinion. I like the quirky one in the middle -- she's throwing in some personality. The two plain janes side by side are showing the natural look, natural beauty, showing they don't need to spice it up to look ravishing. Then below there's just the nose and mouth and some of the face of one whose other looks are unknown in this cropping. I cropped it myself and it's half ambiguous, but really there's enough to go on with which to draw certain conclusions and say, Yeah!

The woman in the top left corner, with the gloves, must know by now that she didn't have to take it off to be a beauty, but occasionally that's a nice touch as well. And in this case, it goes beyond nice to being an absolute knock out. You have to say, and I don't think I have any reason to be fearful of contradiction, she is definitely gorgeous. And she has really nice gloves too.

The man I've chosen to represent the entire gender of men is definitely the most beautiful man I've seen this side of Elvis. And that's Adam Lambert. You take one look at him and you know men aren't as ugly as everyone says. He's got it going on as far as the hair, eyes, smile, whole face, voice, and so forth. To me, he has a good fashion sense. Or at least the people who dress him do, but I'd guess he has it too.

I'm thinking today of the secrets of inner beauty. And whether Adam Lambert has it or not is still an open question. I hope he does. Some of the interviews I'm seeing by him suggest he needs to work on it. I don't have any quotes at hand, but a little more reserve and modesty, even if feigned, would no doubt help. It's great to be glam, great to be flashy -- and I love him for it -- but really, pull in the pronouncements against religion, for example. Good grief, that's not going to do you a bit of good. You don't need to say everything you think. Get a personal coach to help you set some reasonable limits.

Inner beauty is a lot like outer beauty. Sometimes less is more. Like the stunning woman in the pink gloves. She could do the entire spread eagle and it'd be less beautiful. Or put her hands behind her neck like a self-inflicted full nelson, with her bountiful attributes on full display, and it might look great -- I'm sure it would -- but we wouldn't linger as long. The modest covering is best.

With inner beauty that is inner beauty indeed, and not just faking it, it's something you have or you don't. But there's no need to despair, because it's like other inner things, you can grow in it. By being reasonable, figuring out the kinds of attitudes people like, then pulling in and directing yourself in showing that.

The secrets aren't secret really, except that they're often lost on us.

The rest of us see inner beauty on the outside, because it's an expression of someone's character, what they're becoming as they put the good things of life together on the inside and express that. Cheerfulness, pleasantness, helpfulness, kindness, sympathy, etc.

If you've got it, keep going. If not, get it.

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