Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Value Of My Unique Brand


Each snowflake is different. And we've got more going on than snowflakes. So we have our own unique brand.

Of course we brand people we meet, even with first impressions. Later there's greater confirmation or the opposite.

Most movies have the characters branded, ready made for us. Liberty Valance wasn't played by Wally Cox.

But what I'm concerned about is my own unique brand, since it helps with inner understanding, ambitions, drives, etc.

In terms of self-esteem, seeing your unique brand helps with having confidence, feeling worthwhile and properly proud.

I see my own unique brand when I get up and when I do anything. But this isn't just passive acceptance, because I also affect it.

Any kind of meaningful change affects your unique brand, but of course you don't usually change drastically all at once.

I think you can have greater self-esteem almost at once, if you come to appreciate the things that make you you.

This is hilarious stuff, isn't it? Because something in my mind says there's no way I should know what I'm talking about. Yet I seem to!

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