Saturday, October 3, 2009

Your Empty Barrel Overflows

My tea went cold as I was writing my blog today. That's how intense it was. I forgot time, I forgot my tea itself, in order to get it done.

(The good thing about tea going cold, if there is a good thing about it, is that cold tea is still good. Does "iced tea" ring any bells?)

Still, when I make a cup of hot tea, I want it to be hot. Know what I mean? But if it sets there and goes cold, that means I'm preoccupied!

And indeed I was preoccupied today! Like Beethoven working on his symphonic jingles. I was stewing intensely, laboring, giving birth...

Giving birth to a killer teaching on self-esteem, pride, and confidence, that, I think, frankly, is revolutionary.

Because it's a teaching that insists on this point: Even when you've got nothing ... you've still got something dynamic.

If you're "scraping the bottom of the barrel," and doing it with drive and intention, pretty soon your barrel will be overflowing.

This is some wild stuff. It's blowing my mind. I have a rush of light coming out of the top of my head. It might catch the ceiling on fire.

You say nothing can't be something? Look at it under a microscope. The barest nothing is a vast army when seen with different eyes.

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