Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dare I Declare Myself King For The Day?

I am "King for the Day" -- a good mental luxury that self-esteem teachers and lifestyle science coaches should enjoy occasionally.

It's like a rest stop along the long, lonely highway of helping people with their incessant needs.

It's a time to restock, renew, refresh yourself -- myself! -- so that I'm not completely sapped by the persistence of the multitudes.

I just peeked out on the lawn. They're out there. They hate to be denied even one day, but that's their problem ... added to their others!

For today -- Can I have just one day? -- I will look out for myself, not others. I will be inwardly focused on Number One.

I don't name myself "King for the Day" EVERYDAY, after all. Just once in a while, hardly ever, but today is one of those days.

So please stand back, take a number, be patient. Your day will come. Your problems will be dealt with in turn. Today is MY day.

Just between you and me, assuming you're a helper as well, they're never going to get it anyway. So it doesn't matter if we take a day off.

I know I'm going to lose a few followers by being so frank. But that's OK. There's plenty of fish in the sea.

I need to take care of matters closer to home -- in here. And to that end I will strive. Today, one day at least, as "King for the Day."

I am ... King for the Day!

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