Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gigantic Strides Philosophy Includes Sleeping


It's been a day of gigantic strides. Whatever I've had to do I did it -- BOOM -- with determination! Very focused. Now it's time to relax.

I had a number of projects that were lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery. Plink, plink, plunk. They kept coming, they kept going down.

A lot of tiny stuff, some stuff I could've put off to another day. But I kept thinking "Gigantic Strides." What you gotta do, do it now .

I recommend the whole "mindful" approach to living. Adopt some kind of theme for the day, like "Gigantic Strides," and see how it helps.

Who knows about tonight? I feel tired, really. But I have a book I want to finish, maybe go exercise. "Gigantic strides" gets it done!

If I end up at the exercise place -- and "end up" isn't the right way to say it. If I PURPOSELY GO there, I'll stride through my routine.

Trouble is I just had a big meal. That on top of being tired gives me that drifting, dreamy, eye closing, lethargic swirling consciousness.

I might take a "Gigantic Stride" into the bedroom and take an early evening power nap. Set my mind on a half hour and not hit the snooze.

Sleeping is good for the person who takes Gigantic Strides, right? It's something you NEED to do, so do it with that Gigantic Stride spirit!

To sit here and rue it is not true to the Gigantic Strides philosophy. To need to do something, then to do it with determination is it.

Whatever the task is -- and sleeping does qualify, now that I've given it some thought -- line it up like one of the ducks: PLINK!

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