Friday, October 30, 2009

A Fond Farewell To Gravy

I wrote about gravy today. I also actually ate some gravy.

What can I say, it's been a gravy kind of day. But now it's just about over. The last thing I need to do concerning gravy after writing this is go wash the dishes. And I'm hoping there's water covering each of the pans, especially the one that had gravy in it. There's something about gravy. It would make a very good glue, if it sticks to paper as well as it sticks to the side of a pan.

That's true about a lot of food though. One day we were heating up some barbecued beef (or pork, I can't remember which) and some of it burnt in the pan. I about pitched the whole pan because it was stuck so firmly to the bottom of the pan it was virtually impossible to get it out. And I'm thinking, I just invented a new kind of barbecued flavor glue! I'm an accidental genius!

Anyway, the thing about gravy, beyond it's being delicious, is that it "teaches" us so much. It doesn't really, but this is like those idiotic investment commercials on TV. Like where they go, "What do two ships passing in the night teach us about investments?" Then they proceed to tell the things they know about investing, likening it to the passing of two ships. But I want to scream at the TV, in a way that they would hear me: "It's not teaching you anything. You already know what you know. The two ships passing in the night are an illustration of what you know, not something that instruct you! You idiots! Who do you think you're fooling!?" I get worked up about it.

So, just to review, what does gravy "teach" us. Lots of things. Things I hadn't even thought of, and of course things I didn't already know until the gravy taught me. Like there's no place like home. You put gravy in the pan. That's it's home. It stays in the pan, because if it strays from home, it will make a mess. We don't want to mess up in life, we stay home. That's a stretch.

What I emphasized today I think is worth repeating. Gravy is synonymous, or is a term for an excess reward. As in the phrase, "The rest is gravy." There was cause and effect, I got the effect after the cause, but then I got more than I was expecting, and that portion is gravy. It's on top.

Meaning, if we step out in life, perhaps with an investment, perhaps for a cause, perhaps for a personal pursuit, that's a cause and there's going to be an effect. But it takes GUTS to step out. That's the first point. The effect of GUTS, when success comes, is GLORY. It's expected that GUTS will lead to GLORY. GUTS could lead to disaster, but no GUTS, no GLORY, I believe the expression says.

But then what if when you step out and you have GUTS and GLORY, you go forth in a bold and very determined way. Perhaps you'll expect an excess effect, perhaps you won't, and in either case regardless you may get it. That's GRAVY.

I would say the key to my whole philosophy, the philosophical tenets of success that I teach (very successfully, of course), is that you should expect more than the typical effect. You should go beyond GLORY to GRAVY as a matter of course.

So that's it. I probably won't say much more about this 3G network -- G, G, G -- because I've said it all. You can link to my articles today and probably blow the competition out of the water. I wouldn't doubt that you could.

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