Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do It With Gigantic Strides


That was a power nap.

I am nicely refreshed, just a little groggy. Time to press on!

I want to end this day the right way, making gains, improving myself, honing my outlook, raising my sights. Is there a moon to howl at?

I hit that point in my falling to sleep -- and I remember it well for about 10 seconds -- that feeling of confused paralysis.

I remember reflecting on it that this was the place you need to cross on your way to a good sleep. And once you see it, you're there.

My dog is an accomplice to every power nap. She is so faithful behind the legs. She's like a nap coach, spurring me deeper to restfulness.

But that's over with now -- thank God I didn't sleep all night. Now it's time to think about exercising and finishing that book.

But first I have maybe four blog entries I need to write. I have random people who show up from around the world. Need to provide for them.

Like Mama Bird here. I've got the worm in my mind, my mind is chewing it, then I spit it out my fingers on this thing I call my keyboard.

Let me close off my theme for the day, "Gigantic Strides." I don't forget these as we press toward tomorrow. I love the concept of it.

Because, seriously, what should it be hard to accomplish things in life? It's not hard, it's just a matter of determination, making it so.

Every little thing we think is potential groundwork for what will follow. If we think negatively, then NO, we probably won't get it done.

If we think positively about ourselves and our abilities, then step out and DO IT, and do it with "Gigantic Strides," we can do it well.

For several reasons, one being because we're acting more on instinct. Combine instinct with personal confidence, there's no stopping you.

I've said what I wanted to say. It's done. Now I must press on, gigantic strides and all that, practicing what I preach. Good night to you.

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