Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Is My Quest -- No Matter How Far


Where is your quest taking you? Are you looking afar? The song says "This is my quest ... no matter how hopeless, no matter how FAR."

If it doesn't matter how far, you may as well shoot the moon! It's hard to believe a quest that is a quest would be easy to arrive at.

But the key thing is not how far it is, only that you're aiming for it, actively, purposefully going that direction.

You're going to feel better to know that you believe in something, that you're on track, and fulfilling your destiny.

When I head out on a journey, I'm always thinking how long it's going to take. Have to stop for food, bathroom breaks, iced mochas.

Some people just want to get there, some people want to enjoy the journey. I'm a little of both, depending what there is to enjoy.

For a lot of our trips -- interstate travel -- it'd be great if they could come up with a pill to put you to sleep till you got there.

They say pilots of the major airlines can actually sleep along the way because the plane is programmed by a computer to fly itself!

It's a bad thing for pilots to sleep during flights, in my opinion, because then how will they be able to sleep in their hotels?

I don't wish that on anyone, being at the hotel, tossing and turning, suffering through a long night because you can't sleep.

But when you have a quest, and when you say "No matter how far," you're not necessarily talking about actual travel or distance.

It's a mental thing, a psychological thing in some cases, to aim high, aim far, expect great things of yourself and fulfill them.

I'm wishing you the greatest success for your quest, whatever it may be ... and however far it takes you!

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