Friday, October 2, 2009

Flying Under The Radar

I'm flying under the radar here.

There's no other plausible reason for my lack of popularity.

Although it reminds me of school in certain ways ... like my lack of popularity then too.

So I guess I was flying under the radar in school.

Let me think back. Most of it's just a blur, but I'm fairly sure they knew I was there.

I couldn't stay out at recess without being noticed.

But that was more the heat sensors and infrared goggles the teachers used. I think they simply saw a "life form."

I'm prowling around right now... Black suit, up over my face, clawing the air like a cat, "rowwwel."

Now the Mission Impossible music comes on. I set up a few mirrors, become invisible, infiltrate a few accounts, and download secrets.

I'll do what I was trying to do to David Letterman till they caught me, blackmail and extort ... $2 million, which would've made me rich.

I would've had my $2 million, then gone back to flying under the radar. Hoping no one would notice my fancy new car and all the bling.

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