Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Great Idea About Shelves


I had this great idea ... about shelves ... that we keep things on shelves ... but with the light of day it doesn't sound great anymore.

So it looks like I'm stuck. I can personally relate to shelves, or concerning shelves, and most people probably can. Who have shelves.

There they are against the wall, the poor floor under them, the poor beams holding up the floor, all of it a weighty mass.

If yours are like mine -- and there might be some real slobs out there -- they're doing their job and doing it well.

They can't organize themselves. They can't organize themshelves. So it's not their fault that they look like a controlled explosion.

Our shelves, like our desks, are a reflection of ourselves. Not to be too trite, I get semi-embarrassed when people see my shelves and desk.

Because I know what it means. But maybe THEY don't know what it means. My shelves tell me I'm busting at the seams.

What do your shelves say about you? This is one problem I'm just going to live with. At this point I can barely do anything else

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