Friday, October 16, 2009

My Mind Is Set On You

The lifestyle sciences, spirituality, group dynamics, self-esteem -- teaching and coaching -- are my personal forte, what I'm known for.

I'm happy to say I'm a confident person, well-adjusted and centered, and interesting, with a lot of self-esteem myself.

I make it my daily business to do what I can to help others. My mind is set on others, their needs and pursuits. My mind is set on YOU.

I got up today and took personal inventory. That's a common experience for me. Like the carpenter checking his toolbox before setting out.

The carpenter admires his hammer, his nails, his apron. Anyone with self-esteem and confidence admires what he or she has in their toolbox.

When I look at myself, I also like what I see. It makes me happy to be a well-adjusted person with many stunning talents and abilities.

Right now I'm giving myself much credit for being so adept at describing exactly what's going on inside my mind. It translates well.

I am justified in having high self-esteem, because what I have is something valuable and good. I'm in an obviously enviable position.

My mind is working at peak capacity. Perhaps it will never get any better than this. But I'm not a machine. It just naturally works so well.

I'm usually a very private person about these matters, but I know I have a lot to offer to those I meet. Thank you for sharing my world.

I do have one complaint I'd like to air: I think herbal tea tastes funky.

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