Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Focus Without Hocus Pocus

I've got the focus without hocus pocus and you can too.

The focus is the sense of things being right, being at home, being in the slot, the groove, adjusted, well, and undistraught.

Do I always have the focus without hocus pocus? I certainly do not ... or I would've said it long ago.

But since I have it today, of course I can look back and say, "I could've had it, I would've had it, and I should've had it." If I'd've know that I could've, I would've had every reason to have. I should've known!

I do know now. I do know right this minute. I might not know it five minutes from now. Because the focus right now sees me doing hocus pocus.

What's the hocus pocus? The hocus pocus is actually meant to help us, to a certain extent. The whole focus is often surrounded by hocus pocus. And by this, originally at least, we meant well. I still think we mean well. I do.

You get into some of the hocus pocus and the focus is in the middle somewhere. The hocus pocus gets you close, very close. The hocus pocus at its best is a pointer to the focus. It puts you in the right vicinity.

But beware of those who guard and perpetuate the hocus pocus, because they do not necessarily know the focus themselves. They've been so long in the vicinity that the focus has escaped. I think the focus -- and I believe I know this for sure -- enjoys ducking out when the hocus pocus gets too intense. Because, really, what kind of focus wants to be guarded all day? It makes no sense!

The focus comes first. Really. In the beginning was the focus, and the focus was with the focus, and the focus was the focus. The same was in the beginning with the focus. Before there was any hocus pocus. Then the hocus pocus, with all the best intentions in the world, knew the focus and pointed to its light. But then the hocus pocus got too intense and the focus ducked out.

But here it is, the focus -- ducking out, ducking in, bobbing, weaving, taking a dive every now and then just to throw the hocus pocus off track. Which tends to work, because the hocus pocus is so dependent and doesn't know it. The focus is too playful to submit to the hocus pocus forever.

How can I tell you how to get the focus? If I tell you, that's hocus pocus. But believe me, read the words, then forget the words. Eat the soup, not the label.

You will have the focus. The focus will have you. Once in a while.

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