Monday, October 5, 2009

Paranoid And Proud Of It

When you have a chance to overhear people talking about you, don't take it. Think of all the opportunities they have other times.

I wouldn't bug people to find out what they're saying about me. One, I don't want to know (especially). Two, it'd stick with me forever.

If you're overly paranoid, like I am, it pays just to do your level best and figure "I got along without you before, I could do it again."

Unless you live in Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, or Texas ... really, what's the worst they could do to you?

I overheard someone saying something NICE about me over 10 years ago -- I had to escape quickly, unseen -- even that comment stuck with me.

As to people laughing about me, or laughing at me ... I don't think that would happen very often. I don't do very much distinctively funny.

I'm really about as nice as a person can be in real life. Everyone I meet I seem to really care about them. And I'm not a fake at it.

Paranoia is painful and very uncomfortable, but it does yield some dividends by making you a very careful, cautious person.

I think I'll do my self-esteem, personal confidence, and "Drive-for-Pride" teaching tomorrow on "The Benefits of Paranoia."

I just thought of it as an idea ... and that's how ideas work for me ... uh, there's one! ... it's as good as any other ... I'll go with it.

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