Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gearing Up To Be Stern With Myself

That's a bold headline. I'm about as lazy as can be. But I have to kick it in gear in a few minutes.

My self-esteem is starting to lag, after a big day yesterday of personal sternness and resolve. It seemed OK for one day, making me wonder how drill sergeants live with themselves.

Seriously, maybe I was a little over the top. I usually do have pretty good discipline, but I'm not wild about kicking things in gear. I want my mind to lead the way, not my arms and legs.

I feel it coming on. What happened? The clock is ticking. I'm looking at the clock. I have things to do in six minutes. Then I have a busy day ahead of me.

What kind of confidence am I going to have? That's a good question. Whatever it is, I know it's up to me to get it. It's a mental thing. By the time I hit the shower I hope to be well on my way.

Then, task one ... bang. Task two ... bang. And like that right on through the day.

I started this post as a cream puff. But now I'm working up my toughness. I've gone from dainty to Naugahyde.

A few more minutes. I'm strict with myself. I'm on a schedule.

I've had a chill ever since I got up. It's that lethargy thing. The mind suggests anything to get out of doing its job. But the chills are going away. My blood is on the rise.

A couple minutes and I will have mounted up a full head of steam.

Work on yourself today. Chugga chugga motion. Get it in gear. Be the slightest bit stern with yourself and you'll see. The self-esteem, confidence, and pride you seek will be there when you need it.

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