Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sifting For My Double


I've had "My Double Recognition Sieve" out and have been working it today, with everyone I happen to meet.

This is my term for the process whereby I search for my double in this world. Where is he? What's taking so long for us to get together?

I've been with people today. As great as they are, none of them has come close to making it through the Sieve.

There's always the possibility that he and I are passing as we go about our business around town. But it's just a matter of being patient.

When and if we ever meet--my double and I--it will no doubt be a day of rejoicing for each one of us. Because he has to feel the same way.

The weird thing is, there must be this guy out there with his own "Double Recognition Sieve."

And if he should sift me before I have a chance to sift him, he'll probably be clunking it to see if it's malfunctioning, since it says YES.

Then I'll have mine blinking and beeping and I'll be clunking it, instead of just believing our good luck, that the thing actually worked.

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