Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hedgerow Of Warring Angels -- 100% Confident


I have 100% confidence that I can say what I need to say, and once it's said, to know that it is 100% what I wanted to say.

Confidence is a rare commodity in our world today. We have millions of self help books and gurus, yet a real shortage of true confidence.

People roll out of bed less refreshed than they were the night before because they're afraid to face the day. They have no confidence.

Confidence doesn't just happen. There IS plenty of grace involved in having confidence, but we also have our part in it.

Confidence breeds confidence. So you obviously start with what you have. If you have nothing (that's hard to believe), build on that.

Today I have what I call "A Hedgerow of Warring Angels" around me all the time, giving me the confidence to step out and get the job done.

I actually might not show the people I meet my confidence, but that's a strategic, confident stance. Like playing poker. I'm poker faced.

As for the hedgerow of warring angels, they know me perfectly. They know I (we're) not going to be lashing out. We do it micro-surgically.

If you approach me today with some bad intentions, blessings on you!

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