Saturday, October 17, 2009

The King In His Castle

I'm luxuriating in it.

I'm alive, happy, and chipper. I'm grateful for the honor of having named myself "King for the Day." It's a title that I can live with. As to what I'll be tomorrow, I'll worry about that if today ends.

I'm a king in my own castle!

Outside are the multitudes, storming the gates, seeking favors and blessings. To them I say, Go away, come again some other day.

Your problems are not my problems for the remainder of the day. I will attend to my own comfort.

If you're upset about something, get over it. If you're deep in grief about some psychic flaw, cheer up, it could pass. If you're down on yourself, sleep it off for the rest of the day. Drink some chamomile tea.

As for me, I'm stretched out on my divan. I'm on break. Today is the day that I rule and reign!

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