Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inner Beauty -- You're Unique


Minutes. Just minutes. That's all I have for my self-esteem, confidence, and pride pointers. Today on the secrets of inner beauty.

A lot of our pride and confidence, rightly or wrongly, is impacted by our appearance, which most typically takes a very unhealthy path.

We think our worth and value are to be measured by what's on the outside, if it matches up with our ideas of beauty.

Of course it's a positive thing to look our best. If we can avoid looking slovenly, unkempt, disheveled, run down, that's good.

Anything can be spruced up. A rickety old barn about to collapse doesn't look so terrible with a fresh coat of paint.

But once you've done what you can do, then forget it, unless something else occurs to you that maybe you'd forgotten.

If you forgot, then remembered, do it, then forget it again now that it's done.

At this point you're going to be looking for your inner beauty. Note well, I said your inner beauty, which you DO have.

What kind of character do you have? Are you pleasant to others? Can you manage a friendly smile? Do dogs growl when you pass?

What are you telling yourself? If you're telling yourself you're a person of real worth, true value, that means something.

Always affirm yourself. You're a part of this whole scene we call existence. It's true nothing would be the same without you.

There's only one of you. There may be others who look like you, have the same body type, etc. But truly you are unique.

Live with that sense, that you're unique from the inside out, and that what you have to offer will be something very special.

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