Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Go Ahead -- Don't Ask Permission

Being "King for the Day" yesterday gave me a lot of extra time to sit and think. And it wasn't all just checking out the luxuries of my realm for my personal comfort. A lot of it was actual thought about the issues of self-esteem, pride, and confidence, and what you can do to get ahead.

All this is part of my "Drive-for-Pride" campaign, which rolls on. I can hardly believe it's been going on so long, over a month, because my own self-esteem and pride haven't always had the upper hand. But since the campaign got going, I've had it in rich abundance.

What in the world happened? One, I have an innate desire to help others. Two, I just stepped in and did it. The two things go together. But you can have the first without the second. You want to help others, help lift them up, or whatever, but you sit there thinking you can't. Maybe you haven't got the education, the certification, the confidence, or the sense that you really have something to offer.

The way it happened for me and the way it can happen for you is simply to do it. In other words, just go ahead and do it, don't ask permission. By the way, that's also how you become "King for the Day" if you want to be. You just go ahead and do it, you don't ask permission. That's a very good principle for lots of things in life.

For self-esteem, confidence, pride, understanding the things of lifestyle science, and a thousand other things, there's no one really in charge. That's the simple truth. It's like religion. There's no one who owns religion. Or religion's sassier sister, spirituality. There's no one who owns spirituality. Honest to God, there's no one in charge. So much of life is just this vast open field that you can run in, play in, frolic in, and literally do anything you want in.

If you have the innate desire for something -- like my innate desire to help others -- that gets you pretty far. Because it's the old thing, where there's a will there's a way. What's innate is going to come out. I actually question my innate desire to help others. Do I want to do that on a day to day basis? Just helping others? Yes and no. If it's the kind of helping others that's just divvying out their daily gruel so they can return just as helpless tomorrow, no, I'm not interested in that. But if it's this kind of help, saying Just go ahead, don't ask permission, that's a different thing.

Don't take this too literally. Of course I'm not talking about trespassing, stealing, killing, which should go without saying. I'm not talking about illegal stuff, like going to a place and claiming to be something you're not, etc., etc. There are definitely things you need to have permission for, things you should not just go ahead and do.

Why I feel I have to be so meticulous about a disclaimer like that, that's a good question. Anything that should go without saying is something I don't need to say. But I'd hate to have someone quote me: This random guy I read on the internet told me to --- whatever. My aims in life are positive, not negative. If you feel like doing some illegal, then by all means, Ask permission first.

But having pride, having confidence, having self-esteem, there's no law against this. There's usually only the block in your own thinking. And helping others have the good qualities in life and to be able to step out on them for the advancement of their thinking, there's no law against that either. But I would advise have plenty of disclaimers, either stated or implied. You don't want responsibility for someone who might go off the deep end.

Anyway, I'm sorry I have to hem it all in like that, but I'm also a guy who believes in strong fences. They limit and they protect.

So beyond all that: If you feel like doing something good, honorable, and decent today, just go ahead and do it, don't ask permission.

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