Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nuvaworth -- I'll Be Filthy Rich (Tweets)

The Nuvaworth 30-day self-esteem dispenser will revolutionize the human psychology racket. And I will be filthy rich.

But what will I do with all the money? I believe I will use it for good, buying Nuvaworths for the poor, ironically increasing my profits.

Think of the money I'll get simply from the Nuvaworth self-esteem meditations. The copyright lasts all my life, PLUS 75 years for my heirs.

I suppose I should find a girlfriend so I could get some heirs. But how? I have such low self-esteem myself, except I know I will rich.

That's it, I will work up a Nuvaworth prototype, and with a series of bells and self-hypnotism techniques, ingest a few meditations.

The mental machinery is working up there. "I am worthy of esteem, from myself and others. I am immediately equal to any task."

That was good. I need one for tonight, "Others envy me, seeing the way I attract wealth, not to mention the whitest teeth ever."

My teeth are so white ... whiter than $5 ought to ever be expected to make them. I have a smile that is like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Now, just arrange a few bells. Print these off as tear-off strips for my Nuvaworth dispenser. And stare in the mirror and memorize them.

I feel better already ... seriously ... the money will be mine, as well as the satisfaction that I am using my great talents for others.

Now I await the investor class to find me. NUVAWORTH, the self-esteem dispenser that will make the world feel good, 30 days at a time.

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