Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inner Beauty Is Also Sexy


Here's one that everyone has an opinion on, what beauty is and how we recognize it.

It turns out it depends on a lot of cultural things, including the time you live, what era in history you're from.

As I understand it, years ago the larger woman, seen in old artwork, was the ideal.

These days if the head is bigger than the pelvis, that's supposed to be good. According to the one fashion guy, Ralph somebody.

But Ralphie-boy needed to apologize, because he's just putting forth a bad image for women to try to emulate. An unhealthy image.

I've got the September issue of InStyle right here, and there's some stunning fashions throughout. Definitely Lady Gaga isn't alone.

Plus it's over 500 pages, so it's jam packed with models. Each one heard someone say, "You should be a model," and now they are!

Maybe they thought, "No, the field is too competitive." But if they use a ream of paper for each magazine, there's room for everyone.

There's beauty -- and I hate to be cliche about it -- and there's inner beauty. I know, that sounds like a ho-hum topic.

It's like transitioning from Pastor Durward's object lesson tadpole to a boring application on how we can change to something better.

But inner beauty is also a knockout, also sexy -- if that word is allowed on Twitter and Blogger.

And there are secrets of inner beauty just as there are secrets of physical beauty. They're not near as exciting perhaps, but still true.

It's a matter of putting your character through a kind of boot camp, making it submit to the formative process....

...And cutting out the junk calories of a badly oriented psychology...

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